Ukrainian rail chief offers apologizes for delays caused by Biden's 'RAIL FORCE ONE' journey to Kyiv

White House officials breathed a sigh of relief when Joe Biden's train safely left Ukraine on Monday evening.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian rail chiefs were able to celebrate the success of their biggest VIP mission so far. 

'It was an honor and a privilege for me and the whole #IronTeam of Ukrainian Railways to deal with this visit,' tweeted Alexander Kamyshin, the chief executive of Ukrainian Railways. 

'I must say, it was complicated. But we did it. That's how #RailForceOne appeared.'

The chief executive of Ukrainian Railways celebrated the company's successful mission safely  spiriting President Joe Biden in and out of Ukrainian on Monday

Biden made the 10-hour overnight journey from Poland to Kyiv, arriving in the war-torn city on Monday morning. He traveled back again later that afternoon just like other VIPS have done

He tweeted a string of pictures of Amtrak Joe riding the rails in Ukraine, along with a locomotive in Ukrainian colors, carrying the Stars and Stripes.

And he even offered a graphic showing how 'on-time departures' had been affected by the special mission along with a humble brag.

'I also want to apologize for breaking our OTP (On Time Performance) yesterday. We had to delay some of our trains to give a way to #RailForceOne.' he said.

'It was painful for me and my team, but I had to do that. So only 90% of our trains arrived on time yesterday. I apologize.'

The train from Przemysl Glowny in south-eastern Poland to Kyiv has seen its share of VIPs. It is the safest route for visitors to reach the Ukrainian capital. 

Biden and a stripped down team boarded the the train's VIP carriages at about 9:15pm local time on Sunday evening for the 10-hour journey.

American officials assumed their cover would have been blown by now, but they managed to slip secretly into Kyiv.

Kamyshin said he could not say too much more about how they managed the mission. But he reflected on the surreal business of ferrying an American president to Ukraine. 

Kamyshin offered an apology in the form of humble brag to other rail users, pointing o...