Teacher, 33, says leaky Wickes bathroom flooded her home

A heartbroken teacher has been forced to move out of her flooded home after a leaky bathroom pipe turned it into 'a swamp'. 

Devastated Fay Guest has been living in a £500-a-week Airbnb following the nightmare leak, which ruined her two-bedroom house in Bideford, north Devon. 

The 33-year-old had forked out £5,000 on a new bath, shower, sink and toilet from Wickes in Barnstaple, north Devon.

But three days after it was fitted, she claims a faulty pipe caused water to come cascading into her house, wrecking ceilings and walls, destroying her kitchen and flooding every room on the ground floor.  

So extensive is the damage, it has left her terraced house without electricity and looking like something from a 'horror movie', she added. 

Teacher Fay Guest has been left devastated after her new bathroom flooded her home in  Bideford, north Devon, leaving carpets waterlogged (above) and her kitchen ruined

'My home is a swamp': the teacher bought her bathroom from Wickes but claimed a faulty pipe had caused the huge leak, leaving her home looking like a swamp when she saw the damage 

Fay was alerted to the flooding on January 29 by a panicked friend, who had been cat sitting for her and called the teacher to say water was pouring from the ceiling. 

'I walked in to see a swamp, that's the only way I can describe it, said Fay. 'It had come all through the kitchen - all of my kitchen stuff is ruined. I've got no electricity in there, because the water has gone into the electricity.

'It then flowed into the living room. I'm in a classic terraced house, long and thin, and it managed to get all the way towards the front.

'I went from stunned disbelief to complete panic. Even upstairs that wasn't wet felt damp because it was just so full of water. The whole house absolutely stinks now.'

Fay had the bathroom fitted last month and claims she contacted Wickes on the day of the leak.  But the 33-year-old educator has lashed out at the home improvement firm, saying she was 'fobbed off' by them. 

On February 13, the furious teacher took to social media to show footage of her trashed home, filming large pools of water on her carpeted living room and ...