Rishi Sunak suggests parliament will get a vote on Brexit deal

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Rishi Sunak appeared to confirmed that MPs will be given a vote on any post-Brexit deal he agrees with the EU to end the long-running dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Challenged by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer at PMQs to reveal whether a vote would be held, the PM said: “Of course parliament will express its view.”

Sir Keir also accused Mr Sunak of “pulling the wool over the eyes” of Tory Brexiteers by refusing to say a compromise deal would inevitably leave some EU law in place in Northern Ireland – along with a role for European judges in protocol disputes.

Urging the Tory leader to level with his party’s hardliners, the Labour leader said: “The unreconcilables on his benches are going to twig – and they’re going to come after him”.

“The former trade minister said there can be no role for the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Northern Ireland. Will the prime minister be honest will them and tell them that’s not going to happen?”

Mr Sunak refused to say whether the deal would maintain some role for the ECJ – accusing Sir Keir of “jumping ahead”, adding that he would be “resolute in fighting for what is best for Northern Ireland”.

Taunting the Labour leader, the PM added: “It’s his usual position, give the EU a blank cheque and agree to anything. It’s not a strategy, it’s surrender.”

Dismissing the cheers of Tory MPs, Sir Keir responded: “The sound you hear is them cheering the prime minister pulling the wool over their eyes.”

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