Nicola Bulley identified by dental records after her body was pulled from river

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Nicola Bulley was identified using her dental records, an inquest has heard.

Opening an inquest into the death of the 45-year-old mother of two, senior coroner Dr James Adeley said he had contacted a consultant maxillofacial surgeon to ask for a comparison of her dental records.

He said: “He examined the body that was located in the River Wyre near Rawcliffe Road in St Michael's on Wyre at 2.15pm on February 20.”

Dr Adeley said the surgeon found restorative work carried out was identical.

He said: “I am satisfied on the balance of probabilities, and more, that positive identification has been made.”

Coroner Dr James Adeley said the family have been informed of the inquests starting but have chosen not to attend.

He said remaining evidence gathered by police and the post-mortem examination required “further evaluation” and a full inquest was likely to be held in June, once availability of a Home Office pathologist had been checked.

He said: “This will allow time to collate the facts of the case and allow the experts involved to finalise the findings from investigations that still need to be undertaken.”

The hearing was attended by six members of the press and lasted about five minutes.

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