Jeremy Vine triggers cycling row after blasting 'maniac' van driver

Jeremy Vine has triggered another Twitter row after sharing a video of a van driver cutting across him during a bike ride in London

The broadcaster, a well-known cycling advocate, shared the 31-second clip on Wednesday morning showing him screaming 'no' at the van driver as the vehicle turned in front of him.  

The TV journalist branded the motorist a 'maniac' with 'no awareness' - but has himself been blasted online for not wearing a hi-vis jacket while riding in the dark.  

Tweeting to his 789,900 followers on Wednesday morning, the 57-year-old wrote: 'This morning's maniac. No indicator, no awareness, no clue. Hammersmith heading east.'

The video has racked almost 20,000 views since being posted and shows Mr Vine riding through a cycle lane in Hammersmith, central London.

The van is filmed as it crossed in front of Jeremy Vine, who was riding in a cycle lane in Hammersmith, London 

Then, a van is filmed cutting across the lane. Mr Vine accuses the driver of not using an indicator as it comes towards him.

But another shot as the BBC journalist passes the vehicle shows the van's indicator is flashing - although the light was not clear in the footage filmed from the front-facing camera.  

Mr Vine's remarks prompted backlash from social media users, some of whom rushed to the driver's defence, criticising the broadcaster for not wearing a hi-vis jacket in the dark, while others supported the father-of-two's comments.

One Twitter user slammed him, saying: 'Dark clothing? Really?! Where's the reflective clothing surely a must when biking in the dark? Yes, you have a light but behind you there are hundreds of lights so you kinda look invisible to a driver. Sorry, you're in the wrong…'

Another said: 'You are dressed in black! Your small flashlight is competing with all the other lights and visual clutter. You need to adapt to the environment and put a high vis jacket on at an absolute minimum.'

'Sorry Jeremy, the ...