‘I teach my kids it’s OK to swear and I don’t believe in bedtimes – teaching them to follow rules is lazy’

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Often, her kids use swear words to express themselves whenever playing video games or if they've injured themselves – but instead of scolding them, she focuses on their emotions.

Speaking about her reasoning, she said: “What I teach them is that it's not the swear word that's 'bad' but the intention behind it.

“For example, if they stubbed their toe and a swear word slipped out, I ask if they're OK.

"If they're playing a video game and an expletive jumps out of their mouth, as they're full of adrenaline trying to win the game, then it means nothing to me.

"However, if they were to use the same word with vicious intent or were calling someone names, I would pull them up on it.

“This has never happened though, so they understand the difference.

“My kids also understand that while I'm not offended by it, some people are and they know not to swear in school or around certain people, such as family members.”

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At age five, her eldest used the f-word innocently after attempting to say the word “duck” and since then, the family have treated the censored language as second nature.

Luana puts her “softer” parenting attitudes down to her own upbringing, where she recalls being “encouraged” to be independent.

Alongside swearing, her kids don't have bedtimes, including the one-year-old, but draws the line at her daughters adopting an omnivore diet.

She said: “They don't have a bedtime and I let them stay up as late as they'd like, as I'd rather they wait until showing signs of being tired.

“On a school night, they go to bed at around 10pm and tend to stay up later on weekends or school holidays, which can be closer to midnight.

“I let them stay up and deal with the consequences of how they feel the next day.

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“I also tried to raise them as vegan, but they've decided they want to eat meat and I'm not happy about this at all – but I have to accept their choices.<...