Force says 'enquiries are ongoing' after Dan Walker hit by car while cycling

Police say 'enquiries are ongoing' after ex-BBC presenter Dan Walker was knocked off his bike by a car on a notorious roundabout in Sheffield city centre.

Dashcam footage has emerged showing the moment the broadcaster, 45, was hit while cycling on Monday morning, leaving him bloodied and bruised.

In an update, a spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police told Sky News that 'no arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing'.

It comes as video footage from a vehicle in front of the accident showed Walker on his bicycle when the rear wheel caught a car's front wing.

As the car crashed into Walker, the father of three was sent sprawling onto the tarmac and narrowly avoided going under its wheels.

The former BBC presenter took selfies of his bloodied face from the inside of an ambulance as he shared details of the frightening incident

Walker on his bicycle and the black car were seen edging closer and closer before the crash that saw the presenter knocked out for 20 minutes

In footage from a car ahead, Walker's rear wheel can be seen catching the car's front wing, flipping the Strictly Come Dancing star over

Dan Walker was hit by a car while trying to cycle over the roundabout on Moore Street in the centre of Sheffield, MailOnline understands

The Strictly Come Dancing star lay unconscious on the road for 20 minutes and woke up to paramedics and police standing over him.

MailOnline has discovered there is a cycling path that would have diverted him through a subway underneath the road, avoiding heavy traffic. 

Instead, he cycled straight on and over the roundabout, which leads into central Sheffield ...