Expats taunt Brits with photos of full shelves full of fruit and vegetables

Gloating expats living in the EU today shared pictures of their supermarkets awash with fruit and vegetables as some UK grocers began rationing.

Brits living in Spain, France, Germany and other European states have been filming and photographing stores piled high with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers, claiming empty shelves back home are because of leaving the EU and dubbing the crisis Veg-xit.

But experts and farmers have insisted it is not to do with Brexit and that poor weather in Morocco and Spain coupled with the high price of running gas-heated greenhouses in the UK is to blame.

Many British farmers are reducing production and delaying planting this year to reduce outgoings and accused supermarkets of refusing to pay British producers the price needed to cover their costs.

Farmer and social media star Olly Harrison said: 'Some people will blame Brexit for stuff not coming in. But it is simply the price is not fair at the moment.

'It's dead easy. It's the supermarkets, the packers and suppliers not wanting to pay the true cost of production. The cost of production has gone up because of the price of gas and oil. You cannot afford to grow things out of season in the UK at the moment'.

Expats have gleefully been filming their full shelves in Spain (Malaga pictured) and across the EU amid shortages of tomatoes in the UK 

Spanish and Moroccan peppers, courgettes and aubergines in France

Empty fruit and vegetable shelves at an Asda in east London. A shortage of tomatoes affecting UK supermarkets is widening to other fruit and vegetables and is likely to last weeks

Empty aisles at Tesco (in Liverpool) as a shortage of produce hits supermarkets all over the country

Jack Ward, of the British Growers Association, said rationing seen in Asda and Morrisons could have been predicted after supermarkets have spent mon...