Boris Johnson will ‘100%’ criticise Brexit deal if UK brought closer to EU, say allies

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Boris Johnson is considering whether to publicly oppose any post-Brexit deal struck by Rishi Sunak with the EU to end the dispute over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

The PM is under pressure from the DUP and Tory hardliners to get further concessions from Brussels, while party moderates have urged him to “get the bloody thing done”.

Mr Johnson will “100 per cent” condemn any agreement reached in the coming days if he feels it means closer alignment with the EU, allies told The Times.

“He says this is either a government of Brexit or it is nothing,” one told the newspaper on the former PM’s thinking.

Mr Johnson is said to have privately attacked Mr Sunak’s negotiating strategy as “wholly irrational” as he deliberates on whether to make a statement.

A source close to the former Tory leader said at the weekend that he believes it would be a “great mistake” to drop the Northern Ireland Protocol bill – which would allow UK minister to unilaterally end checks on goods.

It comes as the leader of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said a deal that would allow a return of power-sharing in Northern Ireland is still possible in the coming days – but it will require further concessions from Brussels.

Sir Jeffrey said that he had been encouraged by the progress, saying “lines have been crossed” by the EU side which it had previously refused to countenance.

“It is possible given the level of progress that has been made and the principles that have already, I’m told, been agreed the outstanding is...