Baby Mia Jade Riley death: Moruya Neighbours warned council about Rottweiler dogs

How two Rottweilers were reported to council months before they mauled a five-week-old girl to death at a family barbeque - as the killer dogs are pictured for the first time: 'We warned them'

  • Mia Jade Riley was attacked by two Rottweilers and later died
  • The two Rottweilers struck while the five-week-old was sleeping 
  • Neighbours have now revealed how the two dogs frightened them 

By Tita Smith and Danyal Hussain For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 08:11 GMT, 22 February 2023 | Updated: 12:42 GMT, 22 February 2023

Two Rottweilers who mauled a five-week-old baby to death had already been reported to the council by terrified neighbours months before the tragedy, it has been revealed.

Mia Jade Riley was asleep in a bassinet at her grandfather's home in Moruya, on the NSW South Coast on Saturday night when the dogs suddenly attacked her about 10.40pm. 

Her parents and several other adults desperately tried to save her and she was rushed to hospital, where she sadly died of her injuries.  

Friends of the family told Daily Mail Australia the dog attack was completely random and came after they had been dozing harmlessly near the little girl. 

However, multiple neighbours have now revealed they were so afraid of the Rottweilers they had stopped walking by the property where they lived. 

Friends of the family told Daily Mail Australia that the dog's attack was completely random. One of the Rottweilers is pictured

Medics at the nearby Moruya Hospital were unable to save Mia Jade (pictured) and she died

Mia Jade's father, local chiropractor Tom Riley, and his wife Lani (pictured) leapt to prise the dogs off their baby girl

The dogs are believed to belong to Mia's mother's cousin, who lives next door to the property where the attack took place.